A Geveycard is a type of SIM interposer that is used to unlock carrier-locked iPhones. It works by tricking the iPhone into thinking that it is using a SIM card from the carrier that the phone is locked to, when in fact it is using a different SIM card from another carrier.

Geveycards typically work by exploiting a vulnerability in the iPhone’s baseband firmware, which is the software that controls the phone’s cellular radio. The SIM interposer sits between the iPhone’s SIM card slot and the SIM card, intercepting and modifying signals sent between the iPhone and the SIM card.

Using a Geveycard may violate the terms of service of the carrier and may also void the warranty of the iPhone. Additionally, not all versions of the iPhone are compatible with Gevey SIM cards, and the effectiveness of the SIM interposer may vary depending on the version of the iPhone and the carrier it is locked to. It is important to research and understand the risks and limitations of using a Gevey SIM card before attempting to unlock a carrier-locked iPhone.

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